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 wakeboard rope UL™WC Gold UHMWPE
 wakeboard rope™Fusion UHMWPE
 core wakeboard rope ™ ™

  Price includes 15" wide handle with 5' Fusion Spectra bridle (as shown) and 70 ft. sectioned rope

WakeCord, FoilCord, and WC Gold ropes are 3-section (55', 10', 5')

Fusion rope is 6-section (45', 5', 5', 5', 5', 5')

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Ultra-Light Handle  

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T-bar Handle 

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Black Diamond Handle 

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Wake Surf combo

Wake Surf handle  Wake Surf handle Fusion Rope combo

7" handle with 30' of Fusion rope (six 5' sections)







Our hydro-foiler favorite 100% UHMWPE, 4-section, 80' Cord with the new Foiler  12" Spectra handle

WakeCord price: $165

WakeCord: UHMWPE wakeboard rope, fusion wakeboard rope, custom wakeboard rope lengths. Wakeboard rope and handles combinations.

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